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Solid Carbide High Feed Coated End Mills for mould and die steels

The superior mould and die tool, Quickgrind’s Bulldog is available in an almost infinite choice of size, diameter, radius and reach. This state-of-the-art masterpiece of engineering excellence produces exceptional results with significant productivity increases and reduced production costs.

Specially designed to reduce vibration under heavy cutting conditions and with high volume metal removal (HV MRR), the Bulldog is ideal for operations such as deep pocketing and slotting in difficult to machine materials without push-off as found with inferior tools.

“Virtually any tool size, diameter, radius or reach – just ask”


  • Higher speeds and feeds possible with increased productivity and high metal removal rates
  • Xred and MX coatings to aid chip flow and give high resistance to wear
  • Developed to suppress vibration and harmonics with reduced machining forces and to give increased tool life
  • Geometry ensures high stability during machining with enhanced chip flow
  • Our experience = your profi tability


  • Force resistive micrograin carbide
  • Superior coating
  • Unequal helix and variable flute design
  • Enhanced radius geometry
  • Strengthened core
  • Available with plain and Weldon shanks
  • Overall length, flute length, neck length/ diameter, corner radii to client specifications


  • Roughing applications in mould and die steels
  • Suitable for tool steels such as H11, H13, D2 and P20 and hardened alloys up to 62HRC

For best results always use holders with good concentricity and high clamping forces and good quality work-piece clamping

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‘Bulldog’ the new, high value milling cutter range from Quickgrind
Quickgrind, the manufacturers of solid carbide and HSS cutting tools have launched a new, highly competitively priced solid carbide milling cutter range.
Designated the ‘Bulldog’ range, the cutters feature a unique design that reduces vibration with corresponding reductions in noise when machining the workpiece.
Noise can be problematical when pocketing in hard steels and the special design helps reduce this problem considerably for the benefit of all in the workshop.
The tools are designed for high volume metal removal in operations such as heavy pocketing in difficult to machine materials like H11 and H13 die steels.
The Bulldog tools are available in 12mm and 16mm diameters and are specifically designed for bigger 5mm depth cuts at feeds of up to 1 metre per minute. For additional life the tools can also be coated with ‘XTREME’ pvd coating.
The tools are available in the following lengths:

12 mm Short
12 mm Long
16 mm Short
16 mm Long


As with all Quickgrind carbide tools, specials can also be accommodated with very short lead times.
“Being solid carbide the cutter is exceptionally rigid and coupled with Quickgrind’s unique design offers a number of benefits,” explains Quickgrind director Ross Howell.
“It greatly reduces vibration and noise but also offers improvements in chip evacuation and reduces the load per tooth. Because we are offering the tools from around £30(depending on volumes) they are essentially a disposable item and compare very favourably with tipped tools.
“That said, in customer trials we found they lasted some 50% longer than indexable insert equivalents. One customer undertook heavy metal removal operations on 10 extrusion dies using a single tool – at least a third better tool life than he had ever achieved.”

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