Quickgrind Carbide Tooling

About Quickgrind

D3N_4516_450Quickgrind is an internationally renowned carbide cutting tool manufacturer whose unique approach and innovations makes customer processes quicker, more convenient and more profitable.

Our ‘total solution engineering’ approach matches customer requirements with the ideal tool. In addition,sophisticated computer software and processing technologies maximises the speed and cost-effectiveness of design, manufacturing and administration, resulting in improved business performance.

Delivered by a highly trained and motivated workforce, Quickgrind products and services reflect the very best in British engineering heritage, quality and innovation. They include:

• Immediate delivery of high-quality off-the-shelf tools
• Advice on tool selection and handling to increase efficiency
• Design and delivery of tailor-made tools with the market’s shortest lead time
• Point-of-use tool vending for added security and productivity
• Remanufacturing of tools to ‘as new’ standard – up to seven times

We have gained an international reputation for these solutions, which are exported worldwide to customers of mould and die and aluminium extrusionin sectors including:Formula One, aerospace, automotive and general engineering.

By working closely with customers and listening to what they need, we have created application-specific tools to use with a wide range of materials and to satisfy the ever-changing demands of each sector.

As pioneers of Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) technology in the cutting tool manufacturing industry, we use advanced five and seven axis CNC machinery along with the latest inspection equipment. Thanks to a programme of continuous improvement, staff development and investment in machinery and technological breakthroughs; our innovation never stops.

Key services in detail:

QuickCam – ultimate profitability
Our CAM and assessment service gathers the information we need to create the perfect tool for the application, ensuring we understand the full requirements and any limits such as the customer’s component material, machinery and CAM software.

QuickLab – tooling innovation
Our analysis of the customer’s machining operations via QuickCam allows us to develop the perfect tool for the job and advise on how to reduce production time and costs by using it in the best way. Using our specialist expertise and hi-tech equipment, we can produce 3D simulations of the tool for approval. Once approved, we deliver the tool along with technical back-up and ongoing support.

QuickVend – tooling on demand
We can supply tailor-made and standard tools conveniently and securely at their point of use via our vending machines. The machine automatically records how many tools are used and by whom, allowing easy and accurate tracking, inventory and reporting, and prevents stockouts.

QuickEdge – tooling good as new
Our sophisticated remanufacturing process, which should not be confused with a ‘regrinding’ service, gives customers up to seven times extra life from each tool. As well as contributing to sustainability and saving money on new tools, QuickEdge optimises their performance – and the efficiency of the machine – by restoring them to ‘as new’ condition. In the case of other manufacturers’ tools, this process can actually make improvements on the original product.

Quickgrind Tool Range

We don’t just sell cutters. Our objective is to become your tooling partner by helping you to increase your productivity.We do this by optimising metal removal rates and tool life, which in turn is achieved by applying the correct technologyand the right tool for the job. And not just any job, yourjob. Very often this involves producing tools which are specific for your needs, at costs which are surprisingly little different to what you will be paying for standard tooling. We pride ourselves on being able to offer virtually any tool in any size, diameter, radius or reach – just look for the special symbol on the following pages. This approach has become so successful that it has become known as ‘Infinite Possibilities’ and has been expanded to include a range of compatible services which includes remanufacture and inventory control under our ’Total Solution Engineering’ program.This section introduces you to our core tooling products – but what it doesn’t include are tables with tool sizes and dimensions.That’s because we can literally give you what you want, virtually any size in any range – all you have to do is ask.

Engineering in our blood

Quickgrind has been at the forefront of tool design and manufacture for almost 50 years. Its founder, Eddie Howell, saw a pressing industry need for shorter lead times for specialised tool production. His company made steady improvements, in-line with the technology of the time. In the years since his son Ross came on board, further technological advances have helped Quickgrind take massive strides forward in innovating the cutting tool manufacturing industry.