Solid Carbide Barrel Tools conical, oval and lens types

The Eliminator Barrel Tool is revolutionising finishing and semi-finishing strategies on a wide range of components, from motor racing to mould tools, aerospace to gear manufacture and turbine blades.

Eliminator’s highly flexible range is available in three geometries, coated or uncoated and with flute radii of 250mm to 15,000mm diameters


  • To replace scanning with ballnose endmills
  • Highly efficient finishing & semi-finishing
  • Profiling
  • Pocket milling, especially deep, hard to access surfaces
  • Milling faces & blends with one tool
  • Hard to reach areas without using expensive long reach tools
  • Machining steep or flat planes
  • Faces with minimal curvature


  • 5-axis milling capability
  • CAM supported softwar


  • 95% cycle time reduction possible
  • Increased ap (step down) – reduced machining time
  • Smaller cusp (scallop) height
  • Tool path distance greatly reduced – better for your machine
  • Two-in-one tool – side cutting & ballnose cutting
  • No loss of surface quality
  • Reduced eff ects of thermal deformation (heat transfer)
  • Long tool life
  • Remanufacture of worn tools

Programming assistance

We offer full programming assistance through our QuickCamPro department – please contact quickcam@quickgrind.com or call Jonathan Butler on +44 (0) 7808 535583