High Feed Roughing End Mills for milling at highly increased speed and feed rates

The Spectre High Feed Roughing End Mill is designed for milling at highly increased speed and feed rates.

By reducing the depth of cut (ap) and increasing the feed by 4-6 times that of conventional end mills you will achieve highly reduced machining times with greatly improved productivity and metal removal rates.

“Don’t limit yourself by using standard tools. Quickgrind’s infinite range opens up infinite possibilities”


  • Rough machining operations such as slotting, pocket milling and contour machining
  • Pocketing with high length over diameter ratios and intricate features
  • Consider this tool where the use of small diameter, long series and extra long end mills is fraught with danger
  • Plunging or helical ramping
  • Stainless steels, duplex, super duplex, Inconel, titanium, PH materials, tools steels, cast iron and hardened steels


  • Tough carbide substrate
  • Through-coolant versions
  • Xred coating
  • Unique edge geometry lowers cutting forces
  • Neck relieved shanks
  • Strong, stable and efficient machining
  • Coating aids chip fl ow and gives high resistance to wear
  • Ideal for extended reach in deep cavities