High Performance Ballnose End Mills for a wide range of materials

The Zodiac is based on our exceptional Mirage end mill and brings a new dimension to ballnose end mills.

Superior grinding techniques and tough submicrograin substrate, along with our unique Xred coating, enable this tool to deliver unrivalled milling performance in a wide range of materials.


  • Roughing and finishing
  • Complex surfaces and features
  • 3D and contour milling
  • Suitable for use in steels, stainless steels, ni-alloys, titanium, PH materials, tools steels and cast iron


  • Higher speeds and feeds possible with increased productivity and high metal removal rates
  • Coatings aid chip fl ow and give high resistance to wear
  • Developed to reduce machining forces and to give increased tool life
  • Geometry ensures high stability during machining with enhanced chip flow