Quickgrind’s Mirage carbide cutting tool has achieved outstanding results in tests, achieving a 50% saving in cutting cycle times for titanium 6AL-4V.

Mirage image

Titanium 6AL-4V is a material typically found in high-tech industries such as aerospace and Formula 1, where it is known for being difficult to machine. These industries operate in intensively competitive environments so making efficiencies is vital.

This is where Quickgrind can really help. We offer expertise to analyse problems from every angle, identify or create the perfect tool for the job and advise on how to use it in the most profitable way.

In the tests titanium 6AL-4V was machined using a Quickgrind 4 flute 12 mm diameter Mirage tool, at a cutting speed of 180 m/min and with a feed rate of 2,200 mm/min. The hardwearing tool maintained its performance through as much as 450 minutes of contact time. Mirage tools have also proved their superiority on materials including Inconel, Hastelloy and ‘S’ specification, as well as high-grade stainless steels.