Mike Stobart photoAs a fellow engineer, sharing the curious nature that drives us to improve, develop and innovate, we thought you might like to meet some of our team and see what makes them tick. By choosing cutting tools as a specialism, each has committed to improving production methods and reducing consumable tooling costs across the whole spectrum of manufacturing companies.

MIKE STOBART, South West Sales Manager for Quickgrind

Mike has spent 38 years in the cutting tool industry, including spells with two major German manufacturers. Whatever advances are made in machinery and software, he stresses engineers will continue in their quest to ensure these work as efficiently and cost effectively as possible and this won’t be achieved without high performance cutting tools. Outside work he swaps the engineering environment for nature, and the power of technology for the power of yoga and meditation.

Graham curry casualGRAHAM CURRY, Director of Alliance Tools and Business Development Manager for Quickgrind

Graham’s 35-year journey in precision machining stretches from his apprenticeship, through manual and CNC machine operation, prototype machining, CNC programming and sales, to a managing directorship. Having specialised in cutting tools for the last 11 years, he believes cooperation with tooling suppliers is essential if manufacturers are to remain competitive. Outside work he likes to play golf, cycle, walk and swim – when household DIY demands allow.